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[PhoneGap Build] Future Plugin Support

Hi all,

There have been a lot of threads on this forum about plugin support in PhoneGap
Build. As you may know, we released support for the ChildBrowser plugin a
couple of months back, and our plan is to develop and support a few more
plugins in-house, before developing a system to allow users to develop and
deploy plugins.

While our work is ongoing, I'd like to start this thread as one place we can
list all the plugins that PG Build users are interested in.

Here's a list of the ones I've seen crop up:

  • Facebook Connect

  • Local Notifications

  • Push (Remote) Notifications

  • iAds (iOS only)

  • Flurry Analytics

  • Barcode Scanner

  • SMS

If there are other plugins you're interested in, please reply here so we can
keep tabs on what we should be looking at.

Our immediate goals are to improve the stability and performance of the PGB
service and release a couple of top-secret features, but we know plugins are a
key feature for our existing PhoneGap Build users, and we're determined to build
robust, cross-platform support.

PhoneGap Build
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