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I’m frustrated

PhoneGapBuild: localstorage on iOS 5.1

i guess i don't need to describe the problem regarding "apple moved localstorage to cache-directory on iOS 5.1" again...

I found a PhonegapPlugin (on github) to implement a native localstorage.
Are there any plans to include that into phonegap build?
Or in other words: Are there any plans to get localstorage back working for phonegapbuild-apps?

Because right now a phonegap-iOS-build cannot use persistent localstorage anymore...

I tried to package our app in xcode using phonegap 1.5.0 but that didn't work either because of errors regarding autorelease and ARC.
Looks like the wiki-tutorial for iOS is outdated...

So i depend on phonegapbuild and therefore cannot publish for iOS 5.1 any more... :-(

Is a solution in the pipeline?
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