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Sencha Touch IFrame content rendering

I develop an application with Sencha Touch. The different feature is, that is not a fixed app.
All what the user can use is built dynamically. It means I have no fixed pages, stores, menus etc…

It is a similar development like this:

(please watch it)

It is based on a ERP System with the name Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

So I would like to make a based Application that the user can install on a mobile device or Tablet PC and it included all fixed Scripts like SenchaTouch.js or Helper classes etc…
the important thing is that I have only too transfer the page definition and data ́s (not more)

One thing more is, that I have the complete window that I can use. Sometimes you can see the browser navigation and URL infos…. And this is shi…

The iframe give me the opportunity to make a setup on the device and the content can be complete dynamic. but with this i have many problems if i cange the orientation of screen
Maybe you have another way for my result.

Regards Sven
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